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As part of continued improvements here at Glenwood Park we recently  invested in a horse treadmill from Horse Gym . To see our treadmill in action watch the video here

Why treadmill training?

Rehabilitation & Pre-Training:
The great benefit of using a treadmill in any rehabilitation work is the capacity to control the intensity and duration of work the horse is doing. Among others, this is the major factor in the early phases of tendon rehabilitation. Walking in a controlled manner after an appropriate recovery time is the most effective activity that has the capacity to assist in the development of muscle tone and  stronger, better-aligned tendons. The Horse Gym treadmill provides the ideal environment in which to offer this well controlled and safest exercise modality.

Breeding & Yearling Preparation:

In yearling preparation the treadmill provides great value in assisting with the early muscular development of the horse. This can be achieved with little stress on the horse, in that most muscular development (topline & hindquarter) can come from walking and trotting. Another benefit for yearlings is in the development of coordination for young horses that seem to be uncoordinated in their actions and motor functions.


The treadmill provides an added advantage over track work or competition training as the horses have no additional weight on their backs, therefore being able to do the volume of work without the added stress of carrying weight. Consequently the treadmill provides the ideal mechanism of being able to provide the training stimulus needed to obtain the desired increases in cardiovascular fitness without the added stress of the rider on their back, thereby not putting additional stress on bones & tendons. Studies have shown that a significant increase in training efficiency (compared to walking/trotting/cantering/galloping on a flat surface) through effective incline/interval training can be achieved by strengthening back and hindquarter muscles.

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