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Glenwood Park has had a long involvement in the Thoroughbred industry in the breaking and pre-training of Thoroughbred horses for the racing industry. We are now pleased to be able to offer top quality Thoroughbred spelling.

We understand that the needs of the spelling Thoroughbreds are different to that of a performance horse and tailor a spelling program depending on the outcomes required. We offer:

Transition from training to spelling – for horses that struggle with the transition from full training to spelling we are able to offer services to ‘let horses down’ to minimize risk of injury or illness – programs are developed depending on the needs of the horse.

Feeding systems to deal with: stomach ulcers, tying-up, poor hooves, muscle and joint issues, colic, laminitis, feeding for weight gain or whatever requirement that the trainer has.

Rugging – We provide rugs for your horse on arrival and throughout their stay for your convenience if required.

Injury rehabilitation

Return to work pre-training services

Spelled horses can be accommodated on their own or in a herd environment depending on each horses needs.

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