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Glenwood Park is an approved quarantine facility.

Quarantine is one of the major bureaucratic hurdles when transporting any animal across international borders. The quarantine regulations vary from country to country and depending on where your horse’s final destination is, will determine what pre-export quarantine and vaccinations are required.

Once all conditions of the quarantine process have been completed, your horse will travel to the airport of departure by road transport.

At time of export, an AQIS officer will provide the Equine transport company with a Export Permit and a Certificate of Health. The export permit gives permission for the horse to leave Australia while the Certificate of Health advises the importing country that the horse complies with the receiving countries health requirements.

Our service for quarantine can include

Experienced staff

Pre Inspection and approval of your equine by appropriate government authorities

Grooms to supervise handling, feeding & specialised individual needs

Availability of a suitable Farrier service

Equine veterinary practitioner “on call” within close proximity of approved farm

Clipping if necessary

Fitness maintenance and light work

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