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Glenwood Park offers training, both short and long term, depending on the needs of your horse or pony. The staff at Glenwood Park have vast experience across a variety of disciplines and breeds of horses and ponies and are able to offer an individual training program depending on the goals you have for your horse.

View some of horses in training, being educated and first time jumping

 Horse in Training video 1

 Horse in Training Video 2

Specialising in

Jumping training and education

Pre-training for racing thoroughbreds

Re-education of horses off the track for all disciplines

General education for pony club and adult riding club horses.

Ground training for young horses including;

Halter training






General handling

Rehabilitation work for horses recovering from injury or illness

Horses worked 5 – 6 days per week depending on their needs

Hard feed and hay twice per day – diets reviewed by the experts at Kentucky Equine Research

Private well grassed paddocks

Individual training plans developed for each horse

Only experienced staff handling your horse

Regular updates given to you on the progress of your horse’s training

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